Chairmans Update

Chairmans Update on the future of The South Glamorgan Centre:-
For those who didn’t attend the Welsh National over the last Bank Holiday, I read out the following statement at the closing ceremony.
“Since being asked by the Welsh Division to organise something over the August Bank Holiday (2020) and after spending a significant amount of time planning the event, the South Glamorgan Centre again finds itself in a very difficult position.
A large proportion of Centres are experiencing difficulties in getting enough of their members to take an active part in the running of their centres. This has already led to some centres going into hibernation (which means that they cease to operate).
South Glamorgan has struggled over recent years and especially over the last 6 months. This has resulted in us moving our AGM back by 3 months, to enable our members more time to consider the options.
I am optimistic that the current committee can be persuaded to remain “in post” until December. After that, I cannot say, other than, our plans for next year are now on hold. But I sincerely hope to see you all, this time next year”.
At your committee’s next meeting, we will be formulating our proposal for the future of the Centre. This will be placed before the members of the Centre on the 21st September at 18:00hrs during the SGM.

Update following the SGM

South Glamorgan Centre – The Caravan and Motorhome Club


S.G.M. Feedback

Regarding the committee posts, all of the serving members agreed to stay in post until the A.G.M.

During the meeting I laid out the options open to the Centre, which are to either go into Hibernation after the A.G.M. on 10th December, or to further investigate the possibility of “Merging” with another Centre. The option to continue on “as we are” was not felt to be sustainable and was not supported by the meeting.

There was an open and frank discussion around why the Centre is in this situation, with many questions being asked and suggestions made by the members present. The answers provided by the Committee led to the overwhelming support being given, for the committee to further explore the option of a Merger.

Informal discussions have taken place over recent months, but since the S.G.M. a formal request has been made to the Gwent Centre to commence talks. This has been sent, acknowledged and we await their formal response.

The current plan is to run the South Glamorgan Centre into next year at a reduced level, so only a few rallies, no Rally Book being published and no planning for after the 2020 A.G.M. This will allow the potentially smaller committee to concentrate on the Merger Discussions.

Clearly the final decision to Merge with the Gwent Centre will depend on the membership of both Centres agreeing to the Merger. If that cannot be achieved, then sadly the committee believe that the South Glamorgan Centre will cease operating at the 2020 A.G.M.


Martin Cawley

Chairman, South Glamorgan Centre C.A.M.C.


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